Welcome to « Du Vent Sous La Robe », the podcast that takes you to meet innovative actors who are building the future of law.

I am Laetitia Jacquier, consultant in legal innovation and business development, and today my guest is Jordan Furlong. 

Jordan is a renowned international consultant and adviser on future of law topics. He is the author of « Law is a buyer’s market – Building a client-first law firm » and also has a great blog: “Law 21”.

In this episode, Jordan gives us precious advices and insights on the following topics :

  • The evolution of the legal market and the new players in Canada, the United States and Europe;
  • How he imagines the ideal law firm;
  • How to change the business model of law firms to encourage innovation and provide a better experience to clients;
  • The importance for law firms to define precisely their values, purpose and ideal markets and clients;
  • How law firms can differentiate and compete in the market;
  • How to build a client-centered law firm and provide a better customer experience and service;
  • What we should change in legal education, recruitment and training of lawyers.

Enjoy listening and une pétillante et innovante année à tous ! 

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