Hello and welcome to « Du Vent Sous La Robe », the podcast that takes you to meet innovative actors who are building the future of law. I am Laetitia Jacquier, consultant in legal innovation and today my guest is Alisha Andert. 

After studying law and spending a few years working at two legaltechs, Flightright and Chevalier, Alisha found her way through Legal design and created This is Legal Design with Lina Krawietz and Joaquín Santuber.

Their goal? To use legal design to help law firms, legal departments and start-ups build new products, new services, new processes and new communication tools!

She also co-founded the German Legaltech Association, created a podcast called « New Lawyers » (only in German for now), and is a TEDx speaker!

In short, Alisha has multiple talents and everything she does has the same objective: bring the legal industry forward!

With Alisha, we talked about many different insights for legal professionals:

  • Her vision of Legal design and what it can bring to the legal market;
  • Steps to follow to build new products and services that meet clients’ needs and expectations;
  • How to provide a better legal experience to clients and what it concretely means to be more client centered;
  • Examples of innovative solutions she’s worked on for legal professionals and their clients;
  • How to make a legal document more impactful;
  • Her vision of the evolution of the legal market in Germany, but also on a larger scale;
  • Actions taken by the German Legaltech Association to encourage innovation!


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