Hello and welcome to « Du Vent Sous La Robe », the podcast that takes you to meet innovative actors who are building the future of law.

I am Laetitia Jacquier, consultant in legal innovation and today my guests are Jeremy Small and Darren Kantor. 

Jeremy is the CEO and Founder of Jameson Legal and Jameson Legal Tech.

Jameson Legal Tech is an international company who advises legal tech vendors, Law firms and in house legal teams on legal tech softwares, business development and sales strategy.

A big part of their activity is also dedicated to legal tech recruitment. Darren leads this division internationally and is specialised in technology and sales roles within law firms, legal software vendors, consultancies, and technology start-ups.

With Jeremy and Darren, we talked about many topics concerning legal professionals:

  • Their vision of the evolution of the legal market in the UK and around the world;
  • Innovations led by Law firms and legal departments in the UK;
  • What’s happening in Asia and the Middle East in terms of legal innovation;
  • The metaverse and its use by legal professionals;
  • Recruitment in the legal tech and legal innovation space;
  • The most sought-after skills on the legal market today;
  • What the law firm of the future will look like;
  • And what they do at Jameson Legal Tech.


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